VIDVIE • establish

VIDVIE, founded in 2015, is a new electronic product brand integrating r&d, production and sales, jointly established by Hong Kong YiFeng ChengPin Trade co., Ltd. and ShenZhen AiFeng ChengPin Trade co., Ltd. It is a trademark that has registered with the State Trademark Office according to lawand is entitled to the exclusive right. After years of unremitting efforts, VIDVIEhas enjoyed a high reputation in the market. The company specializes in the development, production and sale of mobile phone charger, mobile power supply, earphone, Bluetooth and other electronic products. Strict in quality and creative in design,VIDVIE produces high-quality mobile digital accessories widely acclaimed at home and abroad, especially in Europe and America.


A global brand with drive of future imagination also embracing with scientific intelligent and

orginal design ability

  • Vision

    Its foresight driving the company to look ahead, VIDVIE has the courage to explore and maintain its leading position in science and technology.

  • Intelligent

    The future will belong to intelligent technology, and VIDVIE will create a new generation of life with intelligent technology.

  • Design

    We firmly believe that the power of original design and the intention to create people-oriented concept will be recognized.


An international enterprise that owned the moral value of virtueInnovation encouragement and

kept eco-development withevery valuable client